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Waterside Resort Condos for Sale

Search Waterside Condos for Sale in Andersonville, TN. View the latest real estate property for sale at Waterside Resort at Norris Lake. Find your dream vacation condo near Waterside Marina with lake front views of the mountains at Norris Lake, Tennessee.

Waterside Marina

Lakefront Condo owners enjoy easy access to Waterside Marina on Norris Lake!

Norris Lake Real Estate

See the list below to view the most up-to-date information for lake condos for sale at Waterside on Norris Lake currently listed on the Knoxville MLS. Be sure to bookmark this page or check it regularly for updated waterfront condos at Norris Lake, Tennessee.

Waterside at Norris Lake

618 Waterside Andersonville, TN33.002,073Waterside at Norris Lake$549,900.00927883
661 Waterside Andersonville, TN33.002,073Waterside at Norris Lake$549,900.00908710
661 Waterside Andersonville, TN33.002,073Waterside At Norris Lake$514,900.00930738
663 Waterside Andersonville, TN32.001,577Waterside at Norris Lake$459,900.00905757
663 Waterside Andersonville, TN32.001,600Waterside at Norris Lake$459,000.00959776
633 Waterside Andersonville, TN32.001,577Waterside at Norris Lake$414,900.00932129
652 Waterside Andersonville, TN32.001,600Waterside at Norris Lake$399,900.00951411
643 Waterside Circle Andersonville, TN32.001,600Waterside at Norris Lake$399,000.00978887
622 Waterside Andersonville, TN32.001,577Waterside At Norris Lake$389,900.00938601
617 Waterside Andersonville, TN32.001,577Waterside At Norris Lake$389,900.00907939
652 Waterside Andersonville, TN32.001,600Waterside at Norris Lake$384,900.00961988
645 Waterside Andersonville, TN32.001,577Waterside At Norris Lake$382,800.00971151
104 Waterside Andersonville, TN32.001,808Waterside At Norris Lake$329,000.00967964
104 Waterside Andersonville, TN32.001,808Waterside At Norris Lake$309,000.00929536
420 Waterside Andersonville, TN32.002,558Waterside At Norris Lake$305,000.001002251
420 Waterside Circle Andersonville, TN32.001,696Waterside At Norris Lake$304,900.00978883
306 Waterside Andersonville, TN32.001,730Waterside At Norris Lake$304,900.00968438
408 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,580Waterside At Norris Lake$259,900.00910428
418 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,580Waterside At Norris Lake$259,900.00910424
208 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,580Waterside at Norris Lake$259,900.00906227
208 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,580Waterside at Norris Lake$259,900.00929991
308 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,615Waterside At Norris Lake$256,000.00909295
202 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,600Waterside at Norris Lake$254,900.00937374
208 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,650Waterside At Norris Lake$250,000.00990174
308 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,615Waterside At Norris Lake$249,900.00932942
410 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,615Waterside At Norris Lake$249,900.00962149
408 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,600Waterside At Norris Lake$249,900.00972515
210 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,615Waterside At Norris Lake$245,900.00914290
310 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,615Waterside at Norris Lake$244,900.00978005
310 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,618Waterside at Norris Lake$242,500.00953095
102 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,540Waterside At Norris Lake$242,500.00990679
102 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,540Waterside at Norris Lake$242,500.00918578
308 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,615Waterside At Norris Lake$242,000.00946118
210 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,615Waterside At Norris Lake$239,900.00950545
216 Waterside Andersonville, TN22.001,615Waterside At Norris Lake$239,900.00957756
412 Waterside Andersonville, TN11.001,063Waterside At Norris Lake$219,900.00969915
615 Waterside Andersonville, TN11.00660Waterside at Norris Lake$215,000.00906717
615 Waterside Andersonville, TN11.00660Waterside at Norris Lake$215,000.00928230
112 Waterside Andersonville, TN11.001,063Waterside At Norris Lake$215,000.001001672
412 Waterside Andersonville, TN11.001,063Waterside At Norris Lake$213,500.00983200
328 Waterside Andersonville, TN11.00600Waterside At Norris Lake$169,900.00921219
328 Waterside Andersonville, TN11.00600Waterside at Norris Lake$169,900.00945121

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