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Lone Mountain Shores Homes for Sale

Search Lone Mountain Shores Homes for Sale in New Tazewell, TN. View the latest Norris Lake real estate property for sale at Lone Mountain Shores including lake homes and lake property for sale. Find your dream vacation lake front homes and waterfront lots for sale at Norris Lake, Tennessee.

Lone Mountain Shores Aerial Views
Aerial view of heavily wooded lake lots and lake homes at Lone Mountain Shores lake community on Norris Lake!

Norris Lake Real Estate

See the list below to view the latest inventory for lake homes and lake lots for sale at Lone Mountain Shores currently listed on Norris Lake. Be sure to bookmark this page or check it regularly for updated lake property for sale at Norris Lake, Tennessee.

Lone Mountain Shores Homes for Sale

1811 Mountain Shores New Tazewell, TN43.504,112Lone Mountain Shores$869,000.00991014
265 Jacks Bluff New Tazewell, TN44.004,100Lone Mountain Shores$579,900.00979543
625 Bluff View New Tazewell, TN32.503,200Lone Mountain Shores$574,900.00996538

Lone Mountain Shores Lots for Sale

 Mountain Shores Tazewell, TN6.73Lone Mountain Shores$268,900.001001015
Lot 50 Mountain Shores Road New Tazewell, TN2Lone Mountain Shores$220,000.00969172
Lot 53 Mountain Shores Road New Tazewell, TN1.26Lone Mountain Shores$205,000.00989785
832 Jack's Bluff New Tazewell, TN1.24Lone Mountain Shores$192,500.00995771
 Lot 42 Mountain Shores Road New Tazewell, TNLone Mountain Shores$190,000.00911497
Lots 33-34 Mountain Shores New Tazewell, TN6.27Lone Mountain Shores$178,200.00992974
 L-36 Mountain Shores Road New Tazewell, TN1.2Lone Mountain Shores$139,900.00991872
 Jacks Bluff New Tazewell, TN2.99Lone Mountain Shores$125,000.00986422
 Lot 327 Shoreside Rd New Tazewell, TN0.69Lone Mountain Shores$104,900.00957297
 Fellowship New Tazewell, TN4.37Lone Mountain Shores$99,900.00930946
 Lot 326 Shoreside New Tazewell, TN1.23Lone Mountain Shores$99,900.00984249
 Shoreside New Tazewell, TNLone Mountain Shores$99,500.00945247
Lot 33 Mountain Shores New Tazewell, TN3.4Lone Mountain Shores$99,000.00992966
Lot 34 Mountain Shores New Tazewell, TN2.87Lone Mountain Shores$99,000.00992971
 Clear Water Lots 865,866,867 New Tazewell, TN5.73Lone Mountain Shores$76,000.00961219
 Chimmey Rock Tazewell, TN1.7Lone Mountain Shores$64,900.00968433
Lot# 197 Clinch View Rd New Tazewell, TNLone Mountain Shores$59,900.00987712
 Wildcat Hollow Road New Tazewell, TN3.6Lone Mountain Shores$50,500.00968055
 Whistle Valley New Tazewell, TN1.83Lone Mountain Shores$45,000.00958562
Lot 551 Timber Creek New Tazewell, TN2.08Lone Mountain Shores$44,900.00996295
 Lot 290 Bluff View New Tazewell, TN8.23Lone Mountain Shores$44,900.00996924
726 Clear Water New Tazewell, TN2.45Lone Mountain Shores$39,900.00993338
 Lot 626 Chimney Rock New Tazewell, TN2.38Lone Mountain Shores$29,900.00982236
 Lot 156 Whistle Valley New Tazewell, TN2Lone Mountain Shores$29,500.00966596
Lot 109 Chimney Rock Rd New Tazewell, TN3.62Lone Mountain Shores$28,921.001002752
Lot 539 Whistle Valley Tazewell, TN1.29Lone Mountain Shores$25,000.00928841
Lot 816 Wildcat Hollow Rd New Tazewell, TN3.86Lone Mountain Shores$24,900.00979154
 Lot 540 Timber Creek New Tazewell, TN3.17Lone Mountain Shores$23,900.00962663
 Lot 101 Chimney Rock New Tazewell, TN1.11Lone Mountain Shores$9,900.00968356
 Whistle Valley New Tazewell, TN5.5Lone Mountain Shores$7,000.00996326

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