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Sunset Bay on Norris Lake

Search Sunset Bay Homes for Sale in Sharps Chapel, TN. View the latest Norris Lake real estate property for sale at Sunset Bay including lake homes and lake property for sale. Find your dream vacation lake front homes and waterfront lots for sale at Norris Lake, Tennessee.

Sunset Bay Homes for Sale

Norris Lake Real Estate

See the list below to view the most up-to-date information for lake property on Sunset Bay. Build your dream vacation home with lake lots for sale at Sunset Bay on Norris Lake. Be sure to bookmark this page because the data is automatically updated inventory on vacation lake homes at Norris Lake, Tennessee.

Sunset Bay Vacation Homes for Sale

5691 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN55.504,084Sunset Bay$998,750.00978727
300 Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN54.004,200Sunset Bay$899,000.001000322
4855 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN53.004,000Sunset Bay$849,900.00970136
4567 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN64.504,632Sunset Bay$799,000.00996598
188 Dove Court Sharps Chapel, TN34.503,746Sunset Bay$649,900.00975320
2440 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN32.503,264Sunset Bay$589,900.00968981
280 Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN43.003,040Sunset Bay$399,900.001000240
165 Shainas Sharps Chapel, TN33.002,830Sunset Bay$349,900.00979219
1031 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN32.502,200Sunset Bay$321,900.001002591
530 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN33.003,292Sunset Bay$274,900.00984429

Sunset Bay Lake Lots for Sale

 Russell Brothers Lot 605 Sharps Chapel, TN0.78Sunset Bay$349,000.00 967463
Lot # 396 Sunset View Sharps Chapel, TN0.75Sunset Bay$289,900.00984193
 Sunset View Lot 396 Sharps Chapel, TN0.75Sunset Bay$289,900.00984193
Lot 454 Reginas Point Sharps Chapel, TN1.07Sunset Bay$259,900.00996489
465 Reginas Sharps Chapel, TN0.64Sunset Bay$229,900.00980851
767 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.78Sunset Bay$200,000.00997059
 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.52Sunset Bay$199,900.00989320
 Lot 599 - Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.58Sunset Bay$195,500.00977525
 Shainas Place Lot #438 Sharps Chapel, TN1.21Sunset Bay$189,900.00996683
Lot 434 Shainas Pl Sharps Chapel, TN0.63Sunset Bay$185,000.00969782
 Lot 450 Reginas Sharps Chapel, TN0.43Sunset Bay$184,000.00975213
 Lot 602 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.52Sunset Bay$180,000.00978771
 Lot 790 Beehive Sharps Chapel, TN0.81Sunset Bay$174,900.00989922
 Lawrence Trail Lot 552 Sharps Chapel, TN0.78Sunset Bay$174,700.00994754
0 Lawrence Sharps Chapel, TN0.78Sunset Bay$174,700.00994754
 L-560 Lawrence Trl Sharps Chapel, TN1.01Sunset Bay$169,000.001002224
 Lot 447 Reginas Sharps Chapel, TN0.89Sunset Bay$167,900.00985968
Lot 549 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.9Sunset Bay$155,000.001001964
 Russell Brothers Rd Sharps Chapel, TN0.55Sunset Bay$149,900.00984177
 Lot 575 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.68Sunset Bay$149,900.00996922
 Russell Brother Sharps Chapel, TN0.6Sunset Bay$140,000.00975052
Lot 467 Reginas Sharps Chapel, TN0.87Sunset Bay$139,900.00999903
 Lot 678 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1.79Sunset Bay$139,900.00993387
 Lot 647 Apple Off Russell Br Sharps Chapel, TN1.91Sunset Bay$139,900.00993388
 Reginas Pt Sharps Chapel, TN0.53Sunset Bay$130,000.00996639
 Russell Brothers Lot 775 Sharps Chapel, TN0.75Sunset Bay$129,900.00929669
 Lot 583 Russell Brothers Rd Sharps Chapel, TN0.61Sunset Bay$125,000.001001673
Lot 232 Ruth Sharps Chapel, TN1.01Sunset Bay$99,900.00989808
 Captains Cove Sharps Chapel, TN1.48Sunset Bay$99,500.001000071
 Edith Sharps Chapel, TN1.54Sunset Bay$95,000.00973324
 Big Valley Lot 905 Sharps Chapel, TN1.12Sunset Bay$89,900.00929667
Lot 564 Lawrence Sharps Chapel, TN0.77Sunset Bay$89,900.00991884
 Edith Sharps Chapel, TN0.78Sunset Bay$89,000.00922560
 Regina Point Sharps Chapel, TN1.01Sunset Bay$80,000.00984793
Lot 784 Russell Brothers Road Sharps Chapel, TN0.63Sunset Bay$79,000.00994163
 22 Fishers Loop Sharps Chapel, TN0.68Sunset Bay$69,900.00976831
 Off Britteny Ln Sharps Chapel, TNSunset Bay$69,900.00950415
 Lot 3 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1.22Sunset Bay$69,900.00987717
 Off Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN0.6Sunset Bay$69,900.00990637
 Lot 184 Captains Cove Sharps Chapel, TN0.72Sunset Bay$69,900.00995541
 Captains Cove Sharps Chapel, TNSunset Bay$69,000.00969716
 Lot 16 Edith Sharps Chapel, TN0.89Sunset Bay$64,900.001000366
 Big Valley Sharps Chapel, TN1.11Sunset Bay$59,900.00999512
 Fischers Loop Lot 51b Sharps Chapel, TNSunset Bay$49,900.00 991947
 Lot 182 Captains Cove Sharps Chapel, TN0.76Sunset Bay$49,900.00985134
Lot 519 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.5Sunset Bay$49,000.00982986
 Lot 431 Shainas Sharps Chapel, TN1.36Sunset Bay$49,000.00969473
 Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN0.54Sunset Bay$46,900.00975696
Lot 276 Ruth Circle Sharps Chapel, TN0.85Sunset Bay$44,900.00997621
Lot 48 Sunny Sharps Chapel, TN0.9Sunset Bay$39,900.00998223
Lot 108 Sierra Rdg Sharps Chapel, TN1.48Sunset Bay$34,900.00972125
Lot 107 Sierra Rdg Sharps Chapel, TN0.84Sunset Bay$34,900.00972124
 Lot 38 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1.34Sunset Bay$34,900.001000012
 Russell Brothers Rd Sharps Chapel, TN1.92Sunset Bay$33,000.00987422
 Lot 310 Garfield Sharps Chapel, TN1.1Sunset Bay$29,900.00961203
Lot 735 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.46Sunset Bay$29,900.00980342
Lot 915 Eagle Sharps Chapel, TN1.1Sunset Bay$29,900.00980609
 Lot 311 Garfield Sharps Chapel, TN1.06Sunset Bay$29,900.00961214
Lot 112 Swan Song Trl Sharps Chapel, TNSunset Bay$29,900.00987736
 Eagle Sharps Chapel, TN1.81Sunset Bay$23,000.00991574
 Lot 200 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.69Sunset Bay$19,900.00984443
Lot 300 Garfield Sharps Chapel, TN1.56Sunset Bay$14,900.00980616
Lot 299 Garfield Sharps Chapel, TN1.61Sunset Bay$9,900.00980619
Lot 305 Cherrywood Sharps Chapel, TN0.95Sunset Bay$9,900.00987390

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