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Deerfield Resort on Norris Lake

Search Deerfield Resort Homes for Sale in Lafollette, TN. View the latest Norris Lake real estate property for sale at Deerfield Resort including lake homes, condos and lake property for sale. Find your dream vacation lake front homes and waterfront lots for sale at Norris Lake, Tennessee.

Deerfield Resort Homes for SaleAerial view of Deerfield Resort lake homes with lakefront access on Norris Lake in Lafollette, Tennessee.

The Greens at Deerfield Resort

the-greens-at-deerfield-resort-norris-lakeAerial views of the 18-hole golf course at Deerfield Resort.

Norris Lake Real Estate

Real Estate property is still available at Deerfield Resort. From Lake Homes, Lake Lots, to Condos and Villas — Deerfield Resort has it all! Affordable and priced to meet your budget and needs. Lake Homes with views of Norris Lake are priced from $479K to the high $595k, Lake Lots are priced from $225K+ and Lake Condos and Villas are priced from $325+. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly as the data below is automatically updated with the latest properties for sale at Norris Lake, Tennessee.

Deerfield Resort Homes for Sale

311 Deer Ridge Lafollette, TN64.503,460Deerfield Resort$1,400,000.00983024
319 Deer Run Lafollette, TN65.505,554Deerfield Resort$1,200,000.00992538
426 Whitetail Lane Lafollette, TN87.506,262Deerfield Resort$1,095,000.00993670
178 Hilty Head Lafollette, TN54.505,660Deerfield Resort$999,900.00993696
615 Deerwood Lafollette, TN42.503,182Deerfield Resort$699,000.001001724
269 Deerwood Lafollette, TN53.004,804Deerfield Resort$639,000.00829249
240 Buckeye Landing Lafollette, TN44.503,200Deerfield Resort$595,000.00976409
327 Deer Run Lafollette, TN54.002,824Deerfield Resort$545,000.00990458
220 Little Fawn Lafollette, TN33.502,080Deerfield Resort$475,000.00981294
161 Doe Lafollette, TN43.002,408Deerfield Resort$475,000.00991553
406 Whitetail Lafollette, TN44.002,200Deerfield Resort$449,000.00979923
573 Deerwood Lafollette, TN54.002,700Deerfield Resort$349,000.00979019
132 Deer Walk Lafollette, TN32.502,176Deerfield Resort$329,900.00997301
116 Big Pine Lafollette, TN44.003,156Deerfield Resort$295,000.00974318

Deerfield Resort Lots for Sale

 Deer Hill Lafollette, TN1.12Deerfield Resort$340,000.00990335
3 Big Pine Point Lafollette, TN1.27Deerfield Resort$329,900.00980001
 Deer Hill Lafollette, TN1.21Deerfield Resort$299,000.00992871
 Little Fawn Lafollette, TN0.8Deerfield Resort$250,000.00957653
 Deer Run Lafollette, TN0.55Deerfield Resort$225,000.00880711
 Deer Run Lafollette, TN0.46Deerfield Resort$199,000.00996122
 Little Fawn Lafollette, TN0.8Deerfield Resort$175,000.00957654
 Deer Walk Lafollette, TN0.56Deerfield Resort$132,500.00994814
 Deerwalk Lafollette, TN0.72Deerfield Resort$109,000.00986316
 Deer Creek Lafollette, TN0.94Deerfield Resort$65,000.00992882
 Deer Hill Lafollette, TN0.8Deerfield Resort$49,900.00992863
 Deer Creek Lafollette, TN1.51Deerfield Resort$49,000.00992889

Deerfield Resort Condos for Sale

239 Doe Lafollette, TN44.002,750Deerfield Resort$425,000.00994912
243 Doe Lafollette, TN44.002,200Deerfield Resort$369,000.00976758
243 Doe Lafollette, TN43.002,000Deerfield Resort$340,000.00891394
243 Doe Lafollette, TN43.001,920Deerfield Resort$330,000.00969619
249 Doe Lafollette, TN32.501,540Deerfield Resort$325,000.00975833
245 Doe Lafollette, TN22.501,440Deerfield Resort$279,000.001001335
245 Doe Lafollette, TN22.501,440Deerfield Resort$279,000.00985887
146 Skyline Knoll Lafollette, TN22.501,466Deerfield Resort$179,000.00993034
470 Deerfield Landing Lafollette, TN22.501,440Deerfield Resort$162,500.00948349

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